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inTech Redesigns Lightweight Towable Trailer

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Aluminum camping trailer manufacturer inTech RV has unveiled the redesign of its Flyer product line. The Flyer is the company’s lightweight, versatile camping trailer built to be the perfect travel companion, able to handle the toughest terrain and weather conditions.

The Flyer was launched in 2016 and was inTech’s original RV line featuring the robust, all-aluminum fully welded cage frame that is used on all inTech products. Flyer now offers four models: Chase, Pursue, Discover and Explore. Each variation is equipped with features designed to make camping comfortable and convenient. The Chase and Pursue models are the smallest of the four and are light enough to tow with any small SUV, and even some cars with the proper equipment! There is also an add-a-room tent option to expand the sleeping from two up to five people. The Explore and Discover are the larger of the Flyer models, which inTech describes as a micro toy hauler. They both come standard with a roadside tip-out and can be optioned with a second tip-out on the curbside. This leaves the cargo space open, allowing users to haul an ATV, side-by-side, bikes, motorcycles, etc.

inTech's updated Flyers

“We are excited to launch our updated Flyer product,” said Keith Fishburn, sales manager at inTech RV. “Our team has worked hard to create a camping trailer that is both lightweight and functional based on our customers’ needs, and we believe that the Flyer is the perfect combination of both.”

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