Intellitec Battery Guard 1000
Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect

Intellitec Products Introduces the BG1000

Intellitec Products recently launched the Battery Guard 1000 smart battery disconnect at the RVX show. The BG1000 alarms when the voltage is low and automatically disconnects power at a preset level to prevent battery rundown. It also communicates the battery status and can be controlled by either a momentary or a maintained contact; all in a compact package.

“Intellitec is focused on providing more value to our customers by incorporating intelligence into our products,” said Ned Schiff, president of Intellitec. “We have a great history in battery management with over 2 million battery disconnects in operation world-wide. The BG1000 is easy to install and economical. The feedback from our customers has been very positive.”

“Preventing dead batteries provides tremendous value to the vehicle owner, dealers, and OEM manufacturers,” said Jeff Caudill, applications engineering manager at Intellitec Products. “It provides real protection for the customer, avoids dead batteries on the dealers’ lots, reduces warranty costs, and prevents damage to the coil that can be caused by a sticky switch.”

The initial introduction of the BG1000 is for 100 Amps systems in 12-and 24-volt models.

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