Inventor Debuts Car Cottage RV

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World Patent Marketing, a manufacturer and distributor of patented products, announces the Car Cottage, an RV patent that aims to bring true freedom and flexibility to mobile homes.

The Car Cottage is a collapsible mobile home that is expandable and equipped with water and electric capabilities, according to the release.

“This recreational vehicle patent will be the new face of mobile homes,” says inventor Stephen M. “The Car Cottage can be fitted with a refrigerator , television, toilet, shower, and even storage options. It is a collapsible house that has water and electric facilities as well. For mobility, it has wheels that pop out from a spin mechanism so that it can be pulled by a car. It is truly a futuristic house on wheels.”

Since it isn’t a trailer, the Car Cottage has more amenities than the typical mobile home. It is a true miniature home that can be brought anywhere. This also means that, if the need arises, you can modify and expand the house just as you would any place of residence.

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