IPA Introduces Brake Circuit Tester

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Innovative Products of America, based in Woodstock, N.Y., has introduced the Electric Brake Force Meter with Dynamic Load Simulation and Circuit Testing.

It utilizes patent-pending, dynamic load simulation technology to sync with a vehicle’s trailer detection system, allowing the technician to quickly troubleshoot integrated and aftermarket brake controllers without needing a trailer. The tool displays real-time, brake-force output gain and timing, as well as truck-side tow circuit indication.

Designed for 7-spade equipped vehicles, the tool automatically recognizes the electronic signature of both integrated (ITBC) and aftermarket trailer brake controllers. It simulates a trailer load and displays real-time, brake-controller output gain and application timing.

In addition to the electric brake monitoring, the tester is ideal for troubleshooting all truck-side tow circuits, e.g., tail lights, turn signals, 12V+, reverse and ground condition, etc. The 25-foot cable allows for one-man, in-cab testing and is easily stowed inside the provided soft case.

For more information, visit or call 888-786-7899.

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