4LiFe Lithium Ion Battery
4LiFe Lithium Ion Battery

Iron Edison Releases New Lithium Battery Line

Iron Edison recently introduced a new lithium battery for solar, the 4LiFe Lithium Ion Battery. The 4LiFe Lithium Battery can be used as a direct replacement for lead acid batteries, according to the company. The 4LiFe battery can add battery to an existing solar installation and can be used for a new off-grid or grid-tied solar system coupled with energy storage. 

The 4LiFe battery comes in various sizes: 100Ah at 48 volts, 200Ah 48 volts, and 300Ah 48 volts. Unlike the LG RESU battery, the 4LiFe battery can operate in parallel from two to twenty units to achieve up to 6,000Ah at 48 volts, or 288 kilowatt hours. 

The 4LiFe batteries come with an integrated battery management system and have an expected cycle life of 7,500-plus cycles at 80% depth of discharge. Iron Edison’s 4LiFe lithium battery utilizes the safest type of lithium-ion chemistry, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). The Iron Edison 4LiFe batteries can be used in commercial solar applications, residential solar with battery, boats, and RVs. The 4LiFe lithium batteries from Iron Edison are compatible with inverters and charge controllers such as Schneider Electric, Outback Power, Magnum Energy, MidNite Solar and SMA.

The 4LiFe lithium battery also comes with a 10-year warranty, and lifetime technical support.

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