ITC Outgrows Headquarters, Moves to New Facility

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ITC recently saw the light. For a booming company with a shrinking floor space, growing product line, and dearth of desks with employees working at lunch tables or in the hallway partitioned by a screen … the light came in the form of a physical relocation.

“We have six openings right now, but we don’t even have desks for them,” said Kelli Gierz, marketing manager for ITC. “We didn’t want to purchase something and then outgrow it. So, we had to wait for the right facility.”

On July 21, ITC, a supplier of RV lights, will move 13 miles from its old Holland, Mich., headquarters into a new state-of-the-art facility in Hudsonville.

Scroll down for an inside look. All photos courtesy of ITC.

The supplier faced this problem – a good one to have – when it doubled its testing facility in Holland 18 months ago. The move to the new facility expands the space by more than 60 percent.

“We’ll be able to do a large array of additional testing. We have a huge dark room in there,” said Gierz. It’s perfect for measuring lumen output, which functions as a sort of long jump: A light is stood up from the ground, and at the starting line X number of lumens are shown versus the number of lumens four feet away.

“Plus,” she continued, “we’ll be able to do long-term testing, especially because we do long-length tape light with 5-meter rolls. We can now do stress testing with those for long periods of time, and they don’t have to be moved or disrupted. They could be laid out flat and stay on the boards for bigger durations.”

ITC now has room for additional equipment, such as a light sphere – shaped like a giant barbecue smoker – to measure ambient and direct light in extreme hot and cold temperatures, and water tanks to submerge lights for ITC’s marine division.

Other perks that (un-cramped) employees will soon experience include: a yoga room, gym, dedicated kitchen, and break room with TVs. The overall design allows for more collaboration, evidenced also by the new training room for all-inclusive meetings.

The larger facility also means bypassing special orders that’d normally outsource from ITC’s China facility, thereby speeding up delivery time. “If in the RV world somebody needs a specific length of tape light,” explained Gierz, “we could cut that to size here in our factory versus doing it in China and then shipping it over here.”

The continued growth wasn’t only limited to Michigan. The Elkhart team doubled its space last year, acquiring a building in an adjacent lot. And earlier this year, ITC doubled its space in China.

As for the RV industry, the biggest project ITC has been working on is its Versa Control, an app that remotely controls segments of the floorplan through smartphones and tablets. Many of the suppliers’ lights, including its tape lights, have RGB capabilities.

“You can do everything from color changing, four zone control with different lighting and effects,” said Gierz.

ITC also has an app debuting next month that enables even a larger array of customizing lighting rendering users into cinematographers.

As for the largely significant motivations for the relocation, i.e. new products, the industry will have to hold tight till the National RV Trade Show this November.

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David MacNeal

David MacNeal is the former digital content editor of RV PRO Magazine.

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