Jayco Adopts the 360 Siphon RV Vent Cap

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360 Siphon

The 360 Siphon RV holding tank vent cap by Lippert Components has been adopted by Jayco and will now be a standard feature on several 2017 Jayco travel trailer, toy hauler, and fifth-wheel units.

As awareness to the toxicity of residual gases created from RV holding tanks increases, many RV OEMs have been quick to provide a safe and dependable solution. With an improved design, the 360 Siphon RV vent cap more efficiently prevents holding tank odors from seeping into the unit’s living spaces. Its patented design allows it to dispel holding tank odors through the roof vent before they have a chance to invade the RV living area.

Workable in any wind condition, the 360 Siphon creates an updraft, expelling odors and fostering an oxygen-rich environment to speed up waste breakdown within the holding tanks, reports the company.

Jayco units will utilize the product specifically for black water holding tanks, virtually eliminating the need for caustic chemicals, perfumed cover-ups, and black tank flushes, said the company. With no regular maintenance required of the 360 Siphon, RVers can breathe easier and enjoy a healthier, odor-free environment.

“Unlike many features, the 360 Siphon is not about being flashy or catching the eye of a potential buyer, it’s about improving the camping experience by eliminating odors that have been associated with RV camping for decades,” said Andy Murray, LCI’s VP of sales. “We’re very pleased to be a part of Jayco’s commitment to improving the RV lifestyle.”

For more information, contact Lippert Components.

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