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Jayco to Evaluate ‘Pilot Connected’ RV Systems

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The Jayco family of companies said it is preparing to pilot a GPS-based connected vehicle system powered by Jayco’s parent company, THOR Industries, to provide users with personalized travel recommendations, trip inspiration, and other how-to, personalized information based on the RV’s model. The evaluation will be conducted using Jay Flights from model years 2019-2024.

“Jayco owners are always ready to embrace new ways to come together and reconnect in the outdoors,” said Jayco President and CEO Ken Walters. “Those who participate in this pilot will get an early glimpse of an exciting technology and help ensure our future connected vehicle strategy lives up to its promise and delivers a best-in-class user experience for Jayco RV owners.”

This pilot technology will link participating owners’ RVs with THOR’s secure connected vehicle system. Utilizing location information, Jayco will send pilot participants custom communications to inspire them for their next RVing adventure, help save money and travel more efficiently, the company said. That content could include recommendations for nearby campgrounds and destinations, exclusive money-saving offers, and tips for maintaining and getting the most from their Jayco RV.

Jayco is recruiting select model year 2019-2024 Jay Flight owners for the pilot group. Participants must expect to use their Jay Flight for a minimum number of days during the pilot period, be willing to keep the pilot hardware in their RV and respond to brief periodic usage surveys to improve the user experience for future customers. Qualified Jay Flight owners can apply at https://www.jayco.com/connected-vehicle-pilot/ to learn more and participate in the pilot.

“We are extremely excited about this pilot,” said THOR Industries Senior Vice President of Global Innovation McKay Featherstone. “The results will provide invaluable insights as Jayco and the THOR family of companies shape and refine connected vehicle systems to enhance the RV experience and create a point of differentiation for all vehicles and owners across all of our operating companies.”

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