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Jayco Unveils Renovated Customer Service Facility

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The Jayco family of companies announced the completion of significant renovations to its 118,000-square-foot, multilevel customer service facility.

The external updates offer a more modern updated look to the building, the company said, while the internal renovations provide a testament to Jayco’s commitment to enhancing customer experience and reflect the company’s core values.

Photos courtesy of Jayco.

The official unveiling of the renovated facility took place on June 13 with a luncheon for the entire customer service, warranty, technical service, parts and executive teams. This was followed by a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Middlebury, Indiana. Steve Claude, vice president of customer service, managers, directors; Brett Hummer, general counsel; and Ken Walters, president and CEO, had pies thrown at them for donations to the organization. The goal was set to raise a minimum of $2,500, and the Jayco executive team committed to match the contributions dollar for dollar, equating to over $5,000 being raised on Thursday. Representatives from the Boys & Girls Club of both Middlebury and Elkhart County were in attendance along with kids who are attend the local club.

About the Renovated Facility

The newly renovated facility boasts several key features designed to ensure that customers feel welcomed and comfortable while their units are being serviced, Jayco said.

“We wanted to create an inviting space that communicates our heritage, values, mission and vision,” said Claude, vice president of customer service. “It’s all about making our customers feel at home, as part of the Jayco family.”

Among the additions include a conference room, which allows for private discussions and ensures customers receive undivided attention. The lobby also features a large monitor displaying Jayco’s family of brands, a refreshment area with coffee, refrigerator, microwave, TV and game center. Additionally, brochures of all Jayco brands (Entegra Coach, Highland Ridge, Starcraft RV and Jayco) are available for customers interested in exploring upgrade options. Another feature of the renovation is a large 3D timeline that displays Jayco’s history, celebrating its milestones since its founding in 1968.

“Our commitment to customer service is evident in every aspect of the new lobby. From the historical timeline display to our mission and value statements, everything is designed to ensure that customers are treated with respect and honesty,” said Claude. “It’s about providing quality service and making our customers feel comfortable and valued, just like family.”

Jayco’s dedication to continuous improvement is also evident in these changes. “We’re always looking forways to improve the customer experience,” Claude emphasized. “The renovated lobby is just one step in our ongoing effort to exceed customer expectations.”

Jayco said an important aspect of its service strategy is the repair event cycle time (RECT). This measurement focuses on minimizing downtime for customers. “We want our customers to spend more time enjoying their RVs and less time waiting for repairs,” said Claude. “Our goal is to ensure quick, efficient service so that customers can get back to exploring and enjoying their RV lifestyle.”

The renovated lobby not only improves the physical space but also embodies Jayco’s mission to provide exceptional customer service, the company said, by prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality.

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