JaySMART Lighting System to Debut at Hershey Show

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At America’s largest RV show in Hershey, Pa., Jayco will feature a new, patent-pending exterior lighting system called JaySMART.

The JaySMART system, which stands for Safety Markers And Reverse Travel, is a LED lighting safety feature that operates in conjunction with the trailer’s running lights, side markers, tail lights and backup light(s).
When a turn signal is engaged from the tow vehicle, the front and rear upper corner lights and all side markers flash in unison, alerting nearby motorists of the driver’s intention to turn. Brake lights also function from an elevated position on the rear of the RV, increasing trailing motorists’ ability to see brake lights regardless of vehicle height or following distance.

“Our goal was to provide 360 degrees of visibility to our customers’ intentions while traveling,” said Chris Barth, senior director of product development for Jayco’s Eagle and Talon product lines and co-inventor of the new system. “Safety comes first and our products are enhanced with the JaySMART system. We’re excited to implement this innovation across multiple Jayco lines this fall.”

The JaySMART system also includes an LED backup light feature. The rear-facing light illuminates the area behind the trailer when the tow vehicle is shifted into reverse, allowing for greater visibility and safety, the company stated. The feature is particularly helpful if the trailer is equipped with an optional backup camera.

“A family’s safety is paramount,” said Brad Whitehead, general manager of Jayco’s towable division. “Jayco consistently seeks ways to improve our customer’s RVing experience with a special focus on safeguarding their travels. This new safety feature, created by our development team, raises the bar once again.”


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