Job Market Grows Competitive Near Manufacturer

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The growing job market in Winnebago County and the surrounding region looks promising for workers, but it also means more competition for employers, the Forest City Summit reports.

The county, home to Winnebago Industries, recently added a new egg-processing plant that will add 197 full-time jobs.

According to the report, Winnebago Industries has been seeking employees for several months, and in December company CEO Randy Potts told the Summit that the company may need to find a production plant elsewhere to meet workforce needs.

Despite the concern, Winnebago spokeswoman Sheila Davis said Rembrandt’s news was positive.

“This is good news for North Iowa, bringing growth and additional families to the area,” she told the Summit.

The new egg-processing facility could drive up wages in the county, according to Teresa Nicholson, director of the Winnebago and Worth Counties Betterment Council.

The egg-processing facility will open its doors to a $15 per hour wage, with Winnebago starting wage at $12.65.

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