Kenyon Introduces New Line of Cookware

Kenyon International recently introduced the StacKEN product line of portable cookware. Each specialty cookware product uses Vapor technology, a cooking method that boosts food flavors with less energy and fewer ingredients than traditional methods, according to Kenyon.

The StacKEN Essentials set includes two stackable sauce pans with removable handles and lids, protective inserts for each stainless-steel cookware piece, and a soft storage cooler. The StacKEN line also offers individual skillets, woks and stockpots.

“We wanted to design cookware to match the caliber and versatility of our existing cooking appliances, and StacKEN meets that vision with its high-tech, multi-functional design,” said Phil Williams, president at Kenyon. “The StacKEN line is crafted with quality and convenience in mind, helping consumers cook efficiently and enjoy flavor-packed, healthy meals just about anywhere.”

Each StacKEN product is engineered with a bonded core of aluminum and finished with an exterior layer of sleek, stainless steel. This multi-ply construction, combined with the proper consistency and shape, outfits the cookware for Vapor cooking, which seals in moisture.

“By incorporating Vapor technology into its design, StacKEN offers a simple solution for making meals healthier and tastier than ever before,” said Williams. “We’re excited to deliver this cutting-edge cooking method through durable cookware that is as functional as it is beautiful.”

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