Clearsource water filtration
Clearsource water filtration

Keystone Automotive Adds Clearsource

Keystone Automotive Operations has added Clearsource to its water filtration category. Clearsource manufactures water filtration systems, specifically engineered for RVs, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. Clearsource is constructed with heavy-duty filter housings and leak-proof, buttress-style threading, stainless-steel fittings, and a powder-coated metal chassis.

“At Clearsource, we focus on one thing, and one thing only: making sure you get safe, clean-tasting water – every hose bib, every time,” the company stated. “We engineered our RV water filter system to be the best on the market, with all premium components and RV-specific features.”

The system employs a two-step purification process. First, water passes through a .5-micron rated filter that removes silt and sediment, after which is flows through a .5-micron activated coconut shell carbon filter, which eliminates more obscure contaminants, like chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, giardia cysts, and volatile organic compounds.

Those seeking more targeted filtration to address issues such as rust, sulfur, or lead can opt for upgraded filters and/or a three-stage setup from Clearsource, further improving water quality and taste.

Filters cartridges are housed in oversized, heavy-duty canisters that ensure maximum water flow, even under heavy demand. The stainless-steel fittings keep all connections safe and sanitary, while the durable metal housing unit allows the system to be mounted virtually anywhere on the motorhome’s exterior or utility bay.

Clearsource’s water filters are rated to process 2,000 gallons of water, which translates to a replacement schedule of roughly every three months for full-time RVers, twice a year for weekend enthusiasts, and once a year for occasional campers. To extend filter life, the cartridges can be easily removed, dried, and stored when not in use, then rewetted and reinstalled for the next trip.

Customers concerned with theft can lock the external unit in place by running a cable around the chassis’ center post or connecting pipe to an immovable location on the RV. For owners seeking an onboard system, Clearsource offers one that features the same durable components as the external system, but with a slightly less robust frame.

All systems come fully-assembled and are compatible with standard-size RV water hoses. Clearsource backs all units with a one-year warranty and customer support.

Partnering with NTP-STAG will allow Clearsource’s filtration system to reach a broader audience within the RV market, through the distributor’s vast dealer network, and robust marketing initiatives.

“Surprisingly, there is no other product on the market today that achieves what Clearsource has engineered. All aspects of fit, form, and function were cleverly considered to address campsite challenges for delivering fresh and pure filtered drinking water,” said Thomas Probst, category manager at NTP-STAG. “Its innovative design, along with beautiful packaging and a fair market price, should result in good inventory turns for dealerships.”

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