Keystone RV Equips Sprinter with Solar-Ready Features

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Sprinter Solar

Keystone RV has added solar-ready hookups to its Sprinter division, which now features a plug-and-play solar prep as standard equipment on all Sprinter travel trailers and fifth wheels.

The new feature readies the RVs for connection to solar panels.

“Getting off-the-grid is now a simple matter of plugging a Furrion solar panel and charger kit into the Sprinter’s solar port and enjoying free electricity from the sun,” the company said in a news release.

According to Sprinter General Manager Josh Miller, including plug-and-play solar prep fits Sprinter’s long-time mission to “make camping easy.”

“Today’s Sprinter compared to the 1996 model is night and day,” Miller said. “For example, things like 18-cubic foot residential refrigerators, LED lighting, power awnings, flat-screen TVs and Bluetooth didn’t in all practicality exist back then.”


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