Keystone RV Launches Water-Resistant Floor

The Keystone RV Innovation Lab has fully commercialized HYPERDECK, a water-resistant RV floor construction. The new floors are now in production in the company’s Bullet, Passport, Premier, Outback, Cougar Half-Ton and Laredo Super Lite models.

Patent-pending HYPERDECK performance RV floors are made from 100 percent inorganic materials, which are water-resistant and less likely to degrade over time, according to Keystone RV. HYPERDECK will reduce floor weight by as much as 25 percent in some models.

“HYPERDECK is a great example of how Keystone RV is reinventing construction fundamentals to deliver the highest quality products to the market,” said Mark Bullock, senior VP of engineering. “When exposed to water, organic materials like wood may retain moisture, which can lead to warping, soft spots, mildew or mold. It’s an industrywide concern that we wanted to eliminate for Keystone owners.”

HYPERDECK’s top panel is a series of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene layers, designed to deliver both durability and resilience. A higher-density foam core increases the floor’s strength, according to the company, and the bottom layer is a thermoplastic composite material in place of lauan plywood.

A final protective film eliminates the need for the Darco wrap that is typically used with laminated wood floor construction.

“It’s a win for manufacturing, it’s a win for product integrity and it’s a win for our customers,” said Jeff Runels, president and CEO. “We have some unbelievable innovations in the pipeline this year that will continue to push what owners and dealers can expect from Keystone. I’m proud that our engineering team had the vision and the tenacity to deliver a flooring solution that checks so many boxes.”

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