Kid Rock
Kid Rock performs to a packed Forest River Dynamax plant on Tuesday night.

Kid Rock and Rain Highlight Open House on Tuesday

ELKHART, Ind. – A thunderous concert by Kid Rock at Forest River’s Dynamax plant gave way to a downpour about 20 minutes in, sending those who were listening outside scrambling for cover.

But the lightning and heavy rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those squeezed inside the building and even those seeking shelter under a nearby tent cheered as the music continued and the rain pounded down.

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The storms initially had been predicted to last throughout the day, but outside of a pre-dawn shower, the day remained mostly dry, allowing dealers to complete deals. 

Near the close of the business portion of the show for the day at Thor Industries, the crowd began to grow in anticipation of the annual Casino Night party. At Forest River, the crowd seemed to be much larger than at last year’s Foreigner concert.

The entertainment portion of Open House Week wraps up tonight with country artist Trace Adkins playing at the Forest River Dynamax plant.

A random sampling among a variety of manufacturers seems to indicate that dealers are being a little more cautious this year in their buying. Deals are still there to be had – and especially with new models that are catching their eyes, sizeable purchases are being made. But overall action may be slightly down from last year, according to some representatives.

All told, however, manufacturers are reporting successful shows for both Open House and the Hershey consumer show held earlier this month.

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