KING Releases the KING One Pro

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KING recently introduced the KING One Pro antenna featuring a clear cover and exclusive configuration capabilities. KING One Pro works with all providers: DIRECTV, DISH and Bell, and it automatically configures for U.S. satellite service without the use of DIP switches. The KING One Pro offers maximum signal strength and upgraded electronics to increase scanning speed.

Portable or roof-mount ready, KING One Pro is fully automatic and works out of the box with a compatible receiver. The KING One Pro supports multiple TV viewing, and is ideal for RVers, truckers, campers, outdoorsmen, tailgaters and mobile adventurers.

“KING got it right with the patent pending KING One Pro,” said Craig Miller, president at KING.  “We are excited to release the first-ever out-of-the box satellite antenna that automatically configures for U.S. satellite providers without the need for DIP switches. Setting up your video service just became easier than ever for all providers. In addition, you get the only antenna design with a clear cover and the lowest starting price point in the industry for a hybrid satellite provider antenna. It represents another innovation, in a long line, of KING exclusive and premium products.”

The KING One Pro automatically configures itself when connected to a compatible receiver using the provided coax cable and in-line power inserter. The KING One Pro is powered over the coax using a small in-line power inserter. Users will need a power inverter, portable generator, power pack, or other 110-volt AC power source for the receiver, power inserter and TV.

Features also include:

  • Portable or roof-mountable (no foot kit needed)
  • Lightweight, compact design with integrated handle
  • Metal chassis is stronger and more durable than plastic
  • Weather-resistant materials withstand extreme heat/cold
  • Antenna powered over coax cable
  • 50 feet of coax cable with connectors pre-installed and a power inserter

The KING One Pro (model KOP4800) has an MSRP of $549. The company will begin shipping product immediately.


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