Kwik Bandit Introduces Gear Ties

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Kwik Bandit

Kwik Bandit of Edmonton, Alberta, has introduced its garden, gear and utility ties with a new packaging program.

“The Kwik Bandit is a game changer,” said Peter Jurisic, COO at Kwik Bandit. “The world has been using zip ties, bungee cords, string and wire to bundle, wrap, support and tie down objects for years without any innovation. There is nothing like this in the market today.”

The Kwik Bandit is a new, much safer, environmentally friendly tie that people love using.

AP Products has been serving the RV aftermarket for more than 22 years. Tom Manning, founder and president of AP products said, “Our belief is that all RVers would take advantage from the use of Kwik Bandit and therefore believe each and every RV retailer and campground in the market should have at least a small assortment on hand to meet the need of the RV consumer.”

“Everybody loves the idea of the product,” said Brent Erickson, founder and president of Erickson Manufacturing, a supplier of tie down strapping and securement related products. “Very, very positive feedback.”

Kwik Bandit ties are used to wrap cords, bundle items, stake trees, tie down loads, hold sports gear together, support tomato plants, secure cam locks, replace chains on trucks, and more.

The Kwik Bandit is made of EPDM rubber, is UV resistant and can be used anywhere. It comes in three different lengths (8, 14 and 24 inches) and has been thoroughly tested. To learn more about the Kwik Bandit, visit, or click here to see a product video. 

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