Kwik Bandit Tie Substitutes Bungee Cords

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Kwik Bandit

Although consumers are accustomed to using bungee cords for both recreational and work settings, the risk of injury is ever present. The recently released Kwik Bandit Tie offers a safe substitute to bungee cords that doesn’t have a sudden release of stored energy should it become undone.

“Choosing the right equipment can really be more important than you realize. Safety wasn’t my priority and it almost cost me,” said owner Chloe O’Brien. “The hook of the bungee cord slipped from the eyelet of the wall graphic and hit me directly in my right eye with so much force it knocked me to the ground.”

The injury left O’Brien with blunt trauma and bleeding in the back of the eye, causing permanent damage.

The Kwik Bandit Tie is being used by a wide range of users: homeowners, construction companies, trucking firms, vineyards, nurseries, power sport enthusiasts, backpackers, and the RV community.

Kwik Bandit Tie is available in three different sizes and strengths.

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