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Kymeta Announces Commercial Availability of KĀLO

Communications company Kymeta announced that Kymeta KĀLO internet access is now available with broad initial geographic coverage. Kymeta is a satellite service, making mobile communications easier for users.

KĀLO internet services, powered by the IntelsatOne Flex network, deliver connectivity when paired with flat panel, electronically-steered satellite terminals from Kymeta, as well as other satellite terminal solutions.

Kymeta KyWay terminals and mTenna antenna subsystem modules open new markets for the satellite industry, and allow organizations that require high-bandwidth mobile internet access to do business while mobile.

“With KĀLO, Kymeta delivers up to 4 Mbps mobile internet service in familiar by-the-gigabyte plans,” said Dushyant Sukhija, senior VP and GM of KĀLO’s business unit at Kymeta. “The release of KĀLO marks a revolutionary change in the way satellite services are purchased and supplied. KĀLO services provide a scalable, flexible, high-performance, high-throughput network with a broad geographic footprint, and we make that happen with service packages that are as easy to buy as a cell phone plan.”

“Users are demanding connectivity that could not be delivered with traditional networks,” said Mark Rasmussen, VP and GM of mobility at Intelsat. “Our investment in Kymeta was driven by the desire to simplify and accelerate access to cost-effective connectivity, pairing a groundbreaking global satellite network with a groundbreaking satellite terminal. KĀLO is proof that our technology and business model innovations are unlocking new and larger applications.”

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