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Lance Camper’s New Trailer Strikes ‘Perfect Balance’

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The following is a product spotlight from Auto Evolution.

Ladies and gentlemen, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery and behold one of Lance Camper‘s most recent creations, the Squire travel trailer, and its one and only floorplan, the SQ19. Better whip out your checkbooks for this one, as it’s meant to strike the perfect balance between size, capability and, above all, costs.

Now, to start things off, Lance sought to create a unit capable of handling the needs of as many different kinds of humans as possible. In the process, they gave birth to a camper that can accommodate the lifestyle of the “weekend warrior or the extended trip nomad.” That last bit implies that this unit is ready with everything we need to live off the local landscape.

To achieve this, Lance created a camper that is suitable for everything from a midsize truck or SUV and larger, clocking in with a dry weight of under 4,500 pounds but capable of handling up to 7,000 pounds of total weight. All that’s being distributed on two axles. From here, Lance’s proprietary “pinch bonding” brings forth four dual Azdel walls and a one-piece roof, all set up on a steel frame.

Funny enough, Lance also managed to add a slideout to this unit, and with it, they’re able to expand the interior to an extent where two people could walk past one another and not have to shuffle sideways while carrying a bottle of wine or plates with not food.

Let’s pretend that you own one of these freshly ground diamonds and have trekked across a state or two to finally find yourself parked and stabilized on the edge of some vineyard in southern California. Take a moment and absorb the sights and sounds of the landscape around – you’re just in time to catch one hell of a sunset – and once you do, it’s time to prepare your home.

For starters, the interior can serve the needs of small families, which is made possible by a modular dinette. Still, that same dinette can also be left untouched, and since the bedroom and living space blend seamlessly.

We begin our tour at the rear of the unit, where the entrance is also found, and as we enter the SQ19, to our left sits a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with plenty of space for all your wearables, and straight ahead, a large bathroom is set up in the corner and places separate features. The latter allows one person to shower while the other brushes their teeth.

Read the full report from Auto Evolution here.

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