Lance Hosts Owners Group

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The Lance Owners of America gathered at Lance’s Lancaster, Calif., plant for their biyearly manufacturing plant rally.

“It’s a pleasure to host the LOA here at home.” said Bob Rogers, director of marketing. “Over the years they have become invaluable members of the Lance family; providing product feedback and bringing our units and our mission alive out on the road.”

More than 50 units comprised of more than 100 truck campers, travel trailer and toy hauler owners took over a local KOA campground for three days of like-minded Lance bonding, including a visit to Lance Headquarters.

“Our long standing relationship with Eric Dye and the LOA has been more than we can ask for as a manufacturer,” Jack Cole, president and CEO said. “It’s great to have an event like this to be able to spend time face to face.”

The group arrived at Lance Manufacturing in convoy fashion where Lance petitioned the city of Lancaster to block off the entire street, allowing the LOA convoy members to park as a group directly in front of the main office.

The group then proceeded to a display of all-new product, toured the plant and wrapped up the day with a catered dinner where key Lance staff spoke which was also attended by Girard, Hellwig, Norcold, Torklift and Thetford.

“Lance really outdid themselves this time,” President of the LOA Eric Dye said. “The rally was a huge success and a great experience for all the Lance Owners that participated.”


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