Lance Launches Private Print Store for Dealers

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Lance Campers recently announced its new online print store as a digital resource for its dealer partners.

“The Lance Private Print Store is an online store where our dealers can go to review and purchase merchandising materials to assist in the promotion of Lance products at the retail (or what we call) Tier 3 level with national promotions being Tier 1 and regional promotion Tier 2,” said Bob Rogers, director of marketing. “Not only does the store provide an easy to use source for all marketing print needs; it provides a consistent look, feel and message which is critical to maximizing our branding efforts.”

Resources currently available on the private print store include all the elements of the Lance supplied POP kit: floorplan posters, showroom brand posters, unit ID signs, construction posters, ‘Why Buy’ posters, and four seasons hang tags as well as other merchandising tools including inventory boards, side walk signs, brand banners and branded business cards.

Dealers can access the new private print store via the marketing section on their Lance Dealer Portal, which is the primary communication tool between Lance and its dealer partners.


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