Lawsuit Filed Against RV Peddler

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RV Peddler

Attorney David Karnas said Friday he has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit in Yuma (Ariz.) County Superior Court on behalf of four customers against RV Peddler for fraud and deceit, the Yuma Sun reports.

Karnas, of the Bellovin and Karnas Law Firm, said RV Peddler has demonstrated a pattern of failing to deliver clear titles to vehicles they have sold and failing to pay off liens on vehicles that were traded in.

The Yuma Police Department reported it was also investigating claims about the dealership, which closed down its stores in Yuma and in Bakersfield, Calif. last month. 

“It just shocks the conscience. I have never seen anything as blatant as this,” Karnas said. “Through our investigation we found out this was not just a one-time event, but a pattern and practice of misrepresenting facts to consumers. A lot of these folks are retired and living off fixed incomes and they have been hurt worse than you can imagine.”

Also at the press conference were the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit, part-time Yuma residents David and Alta Neal, who traded in a truck and another recreational vehicle for a different recreational vehicle, one which they allege RV Peddler never paid off the liens, so they have not been able to obtain a title for it.

“We are out $65,000 for a vehicle we potentially can’t drive,” David Neal said.

Neal explained that he and his wife had been planning on traveling to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska before returning to Yuma in October, but they only have a temporary registration, which expires in July, so they can’t leave now.

“The standard in the industry is good faith, fair dealing, honesty and integrity. When you go and purchase a recreational vehicle, which in many cases is the person’s home, you expect to be treated with honesty and fairness,” Karnas said. “My clients never had any notice they were buying a vehicle that was encumbered by a lien.”

The lawsuit, which also includes Grant Sullens, the sales manager and owner Ovada Faye Pyle-Moreno, alleges RV Peddler committed consumer fraud and breach of contract and seeks the recovery of compensatory damages, restitution punitive damages and treble damages in an amount to be awarded by a jury.

Karnas said while there are currently only four plaintiffs in the lawsuit, based on his firm’s investigation and information it received from the Department of Motor Vehicles, there are over 100 victims who were harmed by RV Peddler. He added that other consumers who are interested in participating have also contacted his firm.


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