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Lazydays Launches Rebranding Campaign

Lazydays NEW logo 2024

Lazydays announced a comprehensive nationwide rebranding campaign, including new logos, colors and fonts, the upcoming introduction of a reimagined digital retail shopping experience and a change to the company’s stock symbol, effective Jan. 17.

“The most universal theme from our customers when conducting research for our rebranding was a feeling of adventure. Adventure looks different for everyone, but it became clear that this is the reason so many people enjoy the RV lifestyle. We are the portal for our customers to experience that feeling, and our goal is to provide products and services to make adventure accessible for everyone,” said John North, Lazydays CEO.

In addition, Lazydays announced the upcoming launch of the first phase of its fully reconstructed website. The site features a newly designed mobile interface and new architecture. Among the new features, the website will introduce Transparency Mode – a fully itemized and detailed breakdown of inventory pricing, inclusive of all discounts, incentives, plus accurate taxes and documentation fees.

Throughout 2024, Lazydays said it will continually enhance consumers’ interactions with its digital presence, providing an improved shopping experience through ongoing releases and upgrades.

“As transformational as today’s announcement and our upcoming release are, there are more features on the way to further improve our product and user experience. Our sales, service, consumer finance, insurance and partnerships teams have a singular focus: making the RV lifestyle more accessible and convenient while delivering a peerless experience for our customers,” said Jake Barron, vice president of marketing.

Lazydays will be changing its stock symbol as it trades on the NasdaqCM from LAZY to GORV. This update reflects the company’s forward-looking approach and aligns with its renewed brand identity, it said.

To explore Lazydays’ new brand identity, including the updated logo, color palette, brand foundations and design elements, click here.

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