LCI Debuts One-Touch Leveling for Travel Trailers

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Lippert trailer

Lippert Components debuted its newest leveling system, Ground Control TT, an automatic leveling system designed for travel trailers.

The company touts the product as the first one-touch auto leveler for the travel trailer category.

“Six years ago we launched our Level Up automatic leveling system for fifth wheels,” Lippert Components CEO Jason Lippert said. “There wasn’t a single fifth wheel brand that offered automatic leveling in 2009. Today, the majority of fifth wheel manufacturers offer it either as a standard feature or as an option. We feel that Ground Control TT travel trailer leveling will have a similar impact.”

With an LED interface, Ground Control TT travel trailer leveling will level the trailer in under three minutes once the user presses the “Auto Level” button, according to the release.

See a video demonstration of the Ground Control TT here

Lippert said automatic functions are something customers have come to expect from modern levelers.

“Consumers today expect to push a button to set up camp and walk away rather than cranking manual jacks which takes a lot of physical effort, not to mention 30 to 45 minutes that they would rather spend enjoying their time camping, he said.”

Once the automatic leveling sequence is set into motion, a set of front and rear jacks stabilize and level the trailer using LCI leveling technology. The system also features LCI’s newly designed Smart Jack, a power tongue jack that works in harmony with the leveling system featuring an auto reconnect memory function that returns the hitch to the exact height at which the auto-level process was started.

The Smart Jack also features refreshed aesthetics, a battery level indicator, backlit controls and an auto-retract function.

“We have been demonstrating Ground Control TT travel trailer leveling for our OEM customers over the last three months at our new product showroom in Elkhart,” Lippert Vice President of RV Sales Andy Murray said. “The feedback has been amazing.”

Several travel trailer brands have committed to Ground Control TT travel trailer leveling for the 2016 Elkhart County Open House in September, according to the release.

LCI will begin production of the system late this spring and an aftermarket kit should be available late 2016. For more information, contact your LCI sales representative.

“We fully expect Ground Control TT travel trailer leveling to change the industry, providing travel trailer owners one of the same luxuries that fifth wheel owners have enjoyed for years,” Murray said.


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