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LCI Launches Partnership to Provide Mental Health Support for Frontline Workers

Lippert Components is partnering with Goshen Health Foundation, The Foundation of Saint Joseph Health System, and Beacon Health Foundation to provide support of $150,000 in 2020 and another substantial gift at the beginning of 2021 to fund mental health initiatives for frontline healthcare workers that are working relentlessly through the COVID-19 pandemic.  LCI’s contributions will provide resources to hire mental health professionals at all three hospitals, furthering its commitment of prioritizing mental health and serving, enhancing, and bettering communities.

LCI Cares logoIn its announcement, the company wrote: “With COVID-19 viciously invading the country over the last several months, everyone around the nation has been impacted; but among those that have consistently experienced the adversity of the pandemic firsthand are healthcare workers. With their endless sacrifices and unwavering dedication to saving as many lives as possible, preserving their mental health and wellness has never been more imperative. The hospitals and LCI have collectively recognized the workers’ perseverance and diligence while also understanding that many are experiencing mental fatigue, burnout, and despair. In response, LCI has made a commitment to help fund the hiring of mental health support specialists in each hospital. Safeguarding healthcare workers’ mental health while they face many challenges day in and day out is unquestionably a top priority, and LCI is dedicated to doing its part to ensure that hospitals have the resources they need to support the incredible women and men in our healthcare community.”

“Ever since the most recent surge, we’ve been trying to think about how LCI can give a gift that will have a long term and meaningful impact,” said Jason Lippert, LCI CEO.  “Our team did a great job diligently collaborating to come up with such a thoughtful and lasting gift for our community’s amazing frontline medical workers.  We are grateful for their outstanding efforts, but we know that they need more assistance.  In order for our industry to continue to be relevant over the long term, as RVs and boats are in high demand, we have to have healthy workers – and the frontline healthcare providers are going above and beyond their call of duty in this regard.”

He continued, “When the community works together, anything is possible, and I believe we have one of the best communities in the country.  My hope is that our gift will inspire other business leaders to come forward and donate to this specific fund to sustain mental health efforts which are essential for our courageous men and women working on the frontlines.”

In response to the growing demands and pressures of the pandemic, some hospitals have implemented new programs that address their team members’ wellbeing, focusing on stress management, emotional support, reinforcement of the significance of their roles and sacrifices, and, above all, to show their gratitude for the work they do. It quickly became evident, however, that having a specific staff member devoted to leading those initiatives and providing exceptional mental health services would be of even greater benefit, which inspired LCI’s drive to help.

“LCI has been an amazing partner of Saint Joseph Health System, and this donation is another example of the support they provide to healthcare workers and our community,” said Chad Towner, CEO of Saint Joseph Health System. “These funds will go a long way in addressing the stressors faced by healthcare workers as they cope with the incredible challenges of this pandemic.”

With LCI’s culture and core values being deeply rooted in serving and enhancing communities, LCI Director of Corporate and Community Impact Michilah Grimes is thrilled about the partnership knowing that it will have such a positive impact on those who risk their lives to take care of others.

“I am extremely proud to be part of a team that cares so deeply about the healthcare workers who have worked so hard throughout this challenging time,” she said. “We appreciate their patience, their sacrifices, and their strength, and we couldn’t be more delighted to do our part to support them. While we are so grateful for all the work they’ve done, all three health systems have expressed their extensive gratitude for the gifts they are receiving from this partnership, and we are all elated to be on the same team helping those around us be as mentally and physically sound as possible.”

While healthcare workers work around the clock to care for thousands of workers, family members, friends, and loved ones, LCI made it a mission to help take care of them while they take care of countless others. “They’re making sure our people are back at work and staying healthy, and our goal is to make sure we take care of the people who are taking care of our people,” Grimes continued. “LCI has faith that this is will be a great step towards optimal mental and physical health for everyone, and we hope to inspire other businesses and community members to embrace the significance of mental health and encourage them to make a positive difference.”

To contribute and participate in this initiative, please contact Michilah Grimes at michilahg@lci1.com for more information.

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