Floë Integrated Drain Down System
Floë Integrated Drain Down System

LCI Named Exclusive Distributor of Floë

Lippert Components has announced that it is the exclusive distributor of the Floë Integrated Drain Down System. Floë is an integrated water drain-down system that lets the RV owner flush out their RV’s water system, helping prevent frost damage during winter months.

Floë is designed for RVs, vacation homes, and any other property, static or stationary, that holds drinking and bathing water. If these properties are left vacant during the winter months with water left in the pipes and boiler, frost damage can occur in the water system.

Floë allows owners to use their RV throughout the winter, draining it whenever they like, without any further expense.

Floë was designed and invented in the United Kingdom by Jason Paul as a way to drain his personal lakeside property in the west of Ireland. The Floë AC and DC Induratec systems contain a computer-controlled compression system that pressurizes the system with compressed air, automatically stopping and starting at the correct pressures. Once a faucet, shower, toilet, or any water outlet is opened, the compressed air will push the water out of that outlet until it is dry. Typically, any RV or equivalent can be drained in just a few minutes.

“We are delighted to be working with LCI at this time, and we have worked hard to deliver a world-class product to complement their range of products,” said Paul. “We very much look forward to working in the U.S. and Canada and hope that LCI’s customers see the benefits and enjoy our product.”

“Floë is an amazing product that adds tremendous value to RV owners,” said Mark Boessler, senior VP of aftermarket at LCI. “This is the only solution of its kind in the market. We found this product in the European markets selling very well as clean water and clean waterlines are major concerns for retail customers today. We’re very excited to offer this simple, convenient, and innovation product to market.”

Floë is available in two configurations: the 12-volt DC 636 model or 115-volt AC 838 model. Floë is NSF 61 and UL-verified and approved and is backed by a one-year warranty.

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