LCI Unveils New RV Entry Door Options

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Lippert Components recently unveiled three new entry door options for the RV industry: the G Class Entry Door, Euro Latch, and Screen Shot. Over the past 10 years, LCI has focused on improving aesthetics, functionality and ease of use for RV entry doors, the company stated.

“As with all of our products, we continually reassess our product offerings based on manufacturer and customer feedback,” said Scott McKinnon, product manager at LCI. “Our engineers are constantly thinking outside of the box and developing RV products that are forward-thinking in both design and functionality.”

The G Class Entry Door utilizes the same styling and glass used in RV side windows. The G Class Entry Door features an integrated window and thin shade, and a modern Euro Latch, an LCI product developed in the U.S. It is designed to incorporate the Screen Shot, an accessory that automatically closes the RV’s screen door upon entry and exit.

Utilizing the same glass as the RV side windows, the G Class Entry Door’s G20 tinted safety glass helps block UV rays and allows 20 percent of actual light through. The door’s main features include a solid exterior, one-piece G20 tinted glass and the modern Euro Latch door handle. The European-inspired Euro Latch comes standard with the G Class Entry Door. The G Class Entry Door also comes standard with a motion-controlled hinge, preventing any aggressive motions or swinging of the door, LCI stated.

LCI’s Screen Shot features a spring mechanism that automatically pulls the door closed.


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