Lifestyle Luxury Debuts Pre-Delivery Inspection Program

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EverGreen RVs’ Lifestyle Luxury RV fifth-wheel division instituted its “Ready to Roll Pre-Delivery Inspection Program” for dealers and customers of all the Lifestyle Luxury RV fifth-wheel brands that now include: Lifestyle, Alfa Gold, Bay Hill and Tesla fifth wheels.

The Ready RV Team performs the new retail pre-delivery inspection. The team is a group of quality control technicians that troubleshoot each unit independently to find and repair any aesthetic flaws or mechanical system problems, the company said in a news release.

Twenty-four dedicated quality control technicians comb over 200 inspection points on the exterior and interior of the coach to test for, and fix flaws. This service is now standard for the entire Lifestyle fifth-wheel division. 

“In the same EverGreen tradition of product innovation, we are implementing the new Ready to Roll Pre-delivery Inspection program to enhance the delivery of our products in a unique way,” EverGreen RV President Don Emahiser said. “By removing the unit for inspection away from our manufacturing facility, we enable a fresh look at the product by independent, quality control experts at Ready RV whose job it is to find and fix these problems before it lands at a dealers lot.”

Emahiser hopes the new approach to quality assurance could create a new, higher standard for the industry.

“We think our dealers are going to be very pleased with the results of the new Retail Ready to Roll PDI program,” he said. “Starting with our fifth-wheel division, our products will be ready for the retail lot with less preparation at the dealership and improved customer satisfaction down the road.”  

Quality technicians on the Ready to Roll program have expansive checklists of categories ranging from outside walls, wheels, and storage, utilities-even the underbelly of the coach is inspected systematically. Inside, the troubleshooting continues with room-by-room inspections for living areas, kitchens, baths and bedrooms for water, electrical, gas and décor systems.

The company’s new Product Manager for the Lifestyle fifth wheel division, Kevin McMahon summed up the unique strength of the Ready to Roll PDI program

“The beauty of our new retail Ready to Roll PDI program is that it takes our quality inspection to a higher level of scrutiny,” he said. “We still inspect, red tape and fix problems as we find them in the plant, but with retail Ready to Roll PDI an independent group of inspectors are trained in their own quality discipline to go deeper, locate and fix problems that just are not as apparent during the manufacturing process.”     


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