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Lippert Debuts New RV Door Handle Extension

Lippert new door hatch

Lippert launched its new LatchXtend RV door handle extension, the newest addition to Lippert’s extensive range of entryway accessories.

For more than a decade, the RV entry door latch has remained virtually unchanged, and while it may seem economical on the surface, it comes with inherent ergonomic challenges, Lippert said. Small paddle latches can be frustrating to use, especially when access is restricted by closed entry steps or when the latch is positioned too high off the ground. This makes it difficult for many, including children, seniors and those with limited mobility, to reach comfortably.

The Lippert LatchXtend RV door handle is designed to address these issues head-on. By extending the handle 10 inches and providing ample leverage, it offers a more user-friendly and accessible solution for engaging the entry door latch. With this new upgrade, Lippert aims to provide RV owners with the opportunity to make a simple yet highly beneficial upgrade to their entry door latch.

“The LatchXtend latch and handle offer a level of convenience and functionality that has been notably absent from conventional RV paddle latches,” said Mark Boessler, senior vice president of sales for Lippert’s Aftermarket division. “With this product, we are providing RV owners with a game-changing advantage, one that significantly enhances the ease of access and operation of their entry doors. This product also represents our ongoing commitment to innovation and our dedication to enhancing the lives of our customers.”

The LatchXtend RV door handle extension is now available to OEMs and will soon be available to the aftermarket. To learn more, click here.

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