Lippert Inks $11 Million Distribution Deal with Electronics Supplier

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Lippert Components agreed to a six-year distribution deal with electronics supplier Furrion Limited, the companies announced Tuesday.

Under the agreement, Lippert paid approximately $11 million to acquire Furrion’s current inventory and deposits on inventory and gains distribution rights for Furrion’s product line.

Lippert plans to warehouse and distribute this inventory from its current facilities, leveraging existing warehouse and distribution capabilities.

In connection with the new agreement, LCI acquired Furrion’s current inventory, as well as Furrion’s deposits on inventory scheduled for delivery, for approximately $11 million. LCI plans to warehouse and distribute this inventory from its current facilities, leveraging its existing warehouse and distribution capabilities.

“We are very excited about the agreement with Furrion,” said Drew’s CEO Jason Lippert. “Furrion’s product offerings allow us to enter several new significant product categories with our existing customers, as well as sell the Furrion products to new customers.”

Drew Industries’ CEO Jason Lippert said that the move advances the company’s electronics product offering, while saving time and money spent on development.

“This new agreement with Furrion instantly provides LCI with a solid foundation in these new product categories, allowing us to avoid the normal time and costs incurred with research and development and initial market development,” Lippert said.

Aaron Fidler, who is now the company’s CEO, founded Furrion in 2009.

“As we have grown so quickly, we felt it was time to have a partner to assist with the sales and distribution, and allow us time to focus on our core strengths – new products and continued innovation,” he said. “LCI was the logical partner for us and we look forward to a strong relationship for many years.”

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