Lippert Product Allowing One Key for RV

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Keyed Alike

Lippert Components’ newest product allows manufacturers or dealers to standardize each RV so that one key works with every door lock.

The Keyed Alike system is available on LCI’s complete line of RV entry, ramp and baggage doors.

LCI will showcase the Keyed Alike system along with other new products at the RV Industry Association National RV Trade Show on Dec. 1-3 in Louisville, Ky. LCI also will offer an aftermarket Keyed Alike system profit program for dealers in 2016.

“In some cases, customers are leaving a dealership with up to seven different keys for one RV. It’s just not practical or efficient. Changing out all those locks could cost them hundreds of dollars,” LCI Vice President of Sales Andy Murray said. “Instead we’re offering this new system so consumers have just one set of keys for all the locks on their rig.”

The Keyed Alike lock system also increases security, according to Murray.

“Now RVers won’t have to worry that another camper could open their baggage doors with a standard industry key because each RV’s doors will only open using its unique set of keys,” he said.

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