Lippert Touts Thule Awning Line

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Lippert Components reported an uptick in interest from dealers in the Thule Crown, wall-mounted manual awning.

Originally introduced to the North American RV market in 2015, Lippert sells and distributes the Thule Group awnings. 

“After its appearance at the Elkhart RV Open House, we’ve seen an increase in activity with smaller, lightweight RV models. We’ve had a steady amount of interest with Thule’s product line from the beginning of the partnership, and it’s exciting to see the continued growth and expansion of the line. The product line is a refreshing alternative for OEMs and RVers,” LCI’s OEM Awning Product Manager Scott McKinnon said.

The introduction of Thule awnings into the North American RV market offers RVers a sleek design with a broad range of applications. Available in multiple sizes, the Thule Crown features optional, easy-to-deploy vertical support arms for added stability.

Thule products available to the North American market via LCI include the Thule Crown, a wall-mounted awning featuring an eight inch projection and quick release aluminum support legs. Thule’s awning design matches modern RV designs and features an improved integration on vehicle sides. This lightweight yet sturdy awning is available in seven different lengths from 6.2 feet to 14.8 feet with a maximum projection of 8.2 feet.

Additionally, LCI and Thule plan to continue the line’s expansion and will add full length, side wall and conventional awnings to the Thule portfolio of products offered through LCI.

For more information, contact Scott McKinnon at [email protected]

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