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Lippert’s Director of Corporate & Community Impact To Take On New Role


Lippert announced Wednesday that Michilah Grimes, director of corporate and community impact, is stepping down from her current position to take on a new role with the company.

Still a part of Lippert’s philanthropy team, Grimes will direct her focus toward external, customer-facing initiatives. This will include her continued leadership on seRV With Purpose as well as representing Lippert through RVIA’s Emerging Leaders Coalition projects.

During her time as the director of corporate and community impact, Grimes spearheaded Lippert’s 100,000 Hour Volunteer Initiative, oversaw all aspects of Lippert’s charitable donation process, built relationships with nonprofits and community members, organized Habitat for Humanity builds, oversaw the creation of the Lippert Cares Foundation and the Lippert Cares Community Impact Grant, and piloted what is now seRV With Purpose. Lippert said one of Grimes’s most significant accomplishments to date is how she worked tirelessly to bring the industry together with the common cause of bettering our communities. In 2022, Grimes co-launched the inaugural RVIA Emerging Leaders Coalition Park Improvement Event, which was the first of its kind in the industry. Her dedication to large events like the Lippert Volunteer Week Pack-Out, the Lippert Soccer Tournament and Bids 4 Kids further highlights how she has led with her heart and followed it up with action.

“It is truly humbling to reflect on the journey from starting something from scratch in 2015 to where it is today,” said Michilah Grimes. “Witnessing the dedication and hard work of our team members and communities in changing the lives of others is inspiring. I am in awe of what the team members at Lippert have achieved and how they have grown this initiative into something truly special — a movement that has brought so much change to our communities and influenced others to get more involved by lending a helping hand. It is a testament to the power of teamwork and collective effort in making a meaningful impact.”

Grimes is also excited for the next chapter in her career, staying on in a supporting role to further many of Lippert’s philanthropic projects. “I am filled with gratitude for the chance to remain at Lippert and continue leading Lippert’s customer-based community initiatives: seRV and RVIA Emerging Leaders, Bids for Kids to name a few,” Grimes continued. “This opportunity not only allows me to contribute to Lippert’s mission as being a force for good in the communities where our team members live, work, and play but also grants me the precious gift of more time to dedicate to my incredibly busy family. I am thankful for the balance and fulfillment this role will bring to my life,”

Jason Lippert, president and CEO, reflected on Grimes’s impact over the last nine years. “There is so much more that she has dedicated to Lippert than could never be put on paper, and I am eternally grateful for her years of commitment to making sure our team members and community have felt seen and cared for. Do not expect that to change, as that is simply part of who Michilah is as a human being. Lippert will take the next few months to transition appropriately within our Corporate & Community Impact Division, with Michliah’s new role taking effect in June of this year. Please join me in congratulating Michilah and wishing her the absolute best in her new role and in this next phase of life!”

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