Little Guy Featured in FOX Reality Show

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For some RV businesses, promotional opportunities can be difficult to find, but that’s not been the case recently with Little Guy Worldwide.

Companies such as Dole (think bananas) and Blue Ice Vodka have used the teardrops as a portable venue for their products, and most recently, Little Guy worked with the FOX television network, which utilized its Silver Shadow teardrop trailers for its latest reality show, “Home Free”, which debuts tonight.

“They were looking for a trailer and one of the producers that kind of wrote this show had a fascination with teardrops so that’s how it came about,” Little Guy Vice President of Sales Dylan DeHoff said.

The television show features eight families who are competing as they renovate homes with the assistance of celebrity contractor Mike Holmes. While they’re renovating, the Atlanta-area families lived in the Little Guy teardrops.

The deal turned out to be a windfall for a Little Guy dealer in the area, too, who used the opportunity to buy the teardrops in the midst of the selling season when backlogs are at their greatest.

“We have a good dealer for us down in the Atlanta area, so we provided the trailers for the show and after a contestant would get kicked off every week, our dealer in Atlanta would buy one of those trailers every week.”

To promote “Home Free”, FOX asked Little Guy to send a spokesperson on the road to visit various morning talk shows and show off the product.

It’s a type of promotion that Little Guy is familiar with, according to DeHoff, who said the company has worked with other brands that include Dole, Blue Ice Vodka and a Pennsylvania brewery.

“These companies just want to do something cool, and one way or another, they find our trailers, and see it as a really unique opportunity to retro-fit the trailer and customize it to their needs,” he said.

The combination of the product, quality and the look, give advertisers a unique canvass to work with for promotional events, DeHoff said.

“It’s just something that kind of sticks out on its own, so when you wrap it in, say, the Blue Ice Vodka graphics, and throw the neon lights underneath it, that really gets attention,” he said.

“Home Free” debuts tonight on FOX at 9 ET. To watch additional trailers or to see more information about programming, click here.


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