Little Guy to Part Ways With T@b, T@g Next Spring

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By April next year, teardrop brands T@b and T@g won’t carry the name Little Guy Worldwide.

Since 2010, the Green, Ohio-based company has sold and distributed the travel trailers as part of an agreement with Sugarcreek, Ohio-based manufacturer Pleasant Valley Trailers, which makes and owns T@b and T@g teardrops, along with the Cirrus truck camper brand. In April next year, the two businesses will part ways.

Though the current agreement, in which Pleasant Valley builds and Little Guy distributes and sells the products, continues through April 2017, both companies have begun the process of filling the void left by the split.

Little Guy announced in mid-July that it would move to a 169,000-square-foot Elkhart, Ind., facility, where it will work with an Elkhart manufacturer to continue its Silver Shadow and My Pod lines, according to company Vice President of Sales Dylan DeHoff. Little Guy’s sales office will remain in Green. 

The company will also begin overhauling the Little Guy offering, creating new products, such as the Serro Scotty travel trailer, which it will display at Open House.

“We’re going to be branching out into other models,” Little Guy Chief Brand Officer Chris Baum said. “We’re going to be revamping the entire Little Guy line – our five-wide, our six-wide – we’ll do a whole overhaul of those, and also come out with some whole new models that no one has seen.”

The agreement with the new manufacturer would provide Little Guy more control over development at its Elkhart facility, according to DeHoff.

“We’re working with another manufacturer who will be setting up a DBA (doing-business-as) under themselves called Little Guy Manufacturing, because the idea here is that we’ll have full control,” he said. “We’re going to have an engineer that is specifically hired for us, and only does our product, product managers that are hired for us and quality control managers hired for us.”

Meanwhile, Pleasant Valley will attempt to get its recently formed marketing and distribution arm, NuCamp RV, off the ground.

At this year’s Elkhart Open House, Nucamp will attempt to court new and continuing dealers, exhibiting its T@g, T@b and Cirrus products, along with a new concept from the company, according to NuCamp CEO Scott Hubble.

“When people visit us at Open House, they will see a handful of things,” Hubble explained. “They will see products that we produce that we own currently that they can go purchase through Little Guy Worldwide. They’ll see the truck camper, which is a product we produce that’s currently for sale. And they’ll see a couple of units – one is more or less a concept, one is a prototype that will be released for sale next spring.

Hubble said NuCamp took over sales of the Cirrus truck camper about eight weeks ago, bringing in a sales and marketing team to begin the process of forming a dealer network.

“The process has been put in place,” Hubble said. “It’s great because we’re going to have a trial run with just the truck camper before we take on the other 3,000 units a year. So we’re not getting hit in the face right out of the gate. We’re able to wade our way out into the water.”


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