Live Virtual Expo at Elkhart Open House 2020 is pleased to announce an industry first, a fully “live” virtual tradeshow at Elkhart Open House. The virtual show is available to any vendor, supplier or manufacturer who wants to participate virtually along with their physical location at the show. recognizes that in these unprecedented times, our lives have changed. That’s why it said it has come out strong by adapting current innovative technology to the industry by creating a virtual sales experience that is all-inclusive to both parties.

Not knowing what governmental rules will be applied to travel, feels this is the time to add a virtual booth to trade show marketing. The company said it expects this to be of particular interest to those in the younger demographics who are interested in the RV industry.

“You are able to register at This is open for anyone who wants to participate in the live streaming virtual show, even if they are not part of the RV Supplier and Vendor Expo tent,” said Randall Jeremiah, the online campus organizer. “Join us in reaching out and supporting the industry. If your end client is the dealer segment, they will participate if the OEMs participate. This is a Live Virtual Expo.”

“The Elkhart RV Dealer Open House is a unique event attracting RV Dealers from all over the country, as well as staff from local RV manufacturers,” Jeremiah added, “and now we are adding the virtual component to the rest.”

“Whether suppliers or OEMs are trying to expand market share or if they are interested in face-to-face time with our new live-stream virtual booth, the Expo is an event people won’t want to miss,” Jeremiah explained.

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