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Local North Carolina Council in Dispute with RV Dealership

To park, and where to park – that is the question for Bogue RV, an RV dealership located in a commercial business complex in the western Cateret County, N.C., town of Bogue.

Town council members met with Bogue RV owner Harold Shipp and surveyor John Odom of Prestige Land Surveying in Cape Carteret to attempt to resolve the matter during a special meeting Monday in the town hall on Chimney Branch Road.

Mayor Bobby O’Chat said the business was out of compliance with the town’s parking ordinances. Plus, there are safety issues regarding vehicles parked along Commercial Drive, the road that leads through the business to Bogue Sound Distillery, blocking the road in the event of an emergency.

“We need to make sure the road is accessible to emergency vehicles,” O’Chat said. “There’s just one road in and out of the park.”

In order to comply with the town’s parking ordinances for B-1 zoning for a mobile home sales business, O’Chat said the RV business would need 72 parking spaces.

Currently, the business has multiple RVs and campers parked on eight lots, with a sales office east of those lots. O’Chat said without adequate parking spaces, customers have been pulling off the side of the road to look at RVs and campers.

To read the full story from Cheryl Burke of the Carteret County (N.C.) News-Times, click here.


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