Lone Star RV Optimistic After Hurricane Harvey

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Houston-based dealership Lone Star RV weathered Hurricane Harvey, and was able to maintain its sales in a large part to Dealer Spike. While Lone Star RV’s VP Scott Byrne and four other employees sustained flood damage, he remained optimistic.

Lone Star RV has been in business since 1985. Original owner and Byrne’s father, Bruce Byrne, started the company in 1967 with a single-location Fleetwood dealership called Northwest Camper Sales. When the manufacturer bought out the store in 1985, it was renamed Lone Star RV.

In the same year, Bruce Byrne opened a second store on the other side of Houston to serve the expanding market. There are thirty-four employees at the dealerships today, and most of them have worked at Lone Star RV for more than 15 years.

“We have very low turnover,” Byrne said. “It’s a family business. We have a relaxed atmosphere – you’ll never find a tie here.”

To help his business achieve even more success in sales, Byrne sought a new web provider in 2014. Dealer Spike offered websites with a resolute marketing strategy.

“With our past web provider, one person did it all. But Dealer Spike has specific people and teams who are specialized for stuff like social media marketing and SEO,” said Byrne. “Before, there was no single person with expertise. No one would give you marketing advice. Dealer Spike has a bigger shopping basket of products to choose from, and you’re given a lot more detail.”

Byrne and his team currently implement search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and a marketing package that includes social media, website banner graphics, and e-newsletters.

After seeing an average 184-percent increase in leads per month during the first year with Dealer Spike, Byrne decided to omit the newspaper ads and direct mail pieces that his team used to market with in the past.

“The number of sales leads through the website, and the quality of those leads, definitely jumped,” Byrne said of that first year. “We tried sending out two mailers after signing on, and the results were nothing compared to what we saw with the website. It’s much more productive.”

Byrne reiterated how lucky he felt that his livelihood was not affected by the storm, and things seem to be moving back to normal.


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