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Chuck Woodbury of just returned from Hershey, Pa., home of America’s largest RV show, and has this to report:

More than 1,300 RVs were displayed. I bet I stepped inside at least 300. I saw many great features and also some head scratchers, as in “That is really stupid!”

There were big ol’ Class A motorhomes with price tags of $400,000 and others for $110,000 that looked about the same. Most RVers buy based on how pretty a coach looks and its floor plan, so if a 36- or 40-foot RV sells for only $110,000 you better figure there are lots of production shortcuts you can’t easily see, and that it’s built with a lot of cheap, crappy parts from China.

I predict the first RV with a built-in hot tub will roll off the production lines in late 2018. I’m also predicting that a pop-up, hard-sided two-story RV is in the works. In addition, I’m anticipating the debut within three years of an RV with telescoping leveling jacks that rise a full seven feet, so that at the push of a button, a roomy basement appears, complete with bunk beds and game room so little Jacob and Sophia need never go outdoors, just occasionally ride the elevator upstairs for a meaningful conversation with mom and dad.

I’m also predicting that by early 2018 the first production RV will debut with a 90-inch outdoor TV with Dolby boom box speakers that will shake not only the RV parked next door, but those a mile away.

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