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Los Angeles Chargers’ Jim Harbaugh to Coach From RV

The following is a report from Sports Illustrated.

Former Stanford and Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh has always been a unique fella.

He is known for his signature khaki pants, drinking milk with steak and having sleepovers at recruits’ homes in order to help persuade them to attend his program. While he is no longer a part of the college coaching ranks following his decision to leave the championship-winning Wolverines for the Los Angeles Chargers, he is still staying within his quirky self.

During his opening press conference this past week for the Chargers, Harbaugh revealed that he would have a unique sleeping arrangement during his initial time in Los Angeles. He plans to drive to California in his RV and will stay in his RV at an RV park either by the ocean or Disneyland.

“Okay. So, I want to drive my RV out. I want to drive my RV out and go to a trailer park down by the water or by Disneyland. Two that I’ve researched that are close to the facility. I’m going to Jim Rockford it for the next couple of months until we move to the new facility. I have that thought going through my head.”

Read the full article from Sports Illustrated here.

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