Low-Priced LTE Outdoor Base Station Available for RV Parks

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Baicells Technologies, a provider of disruptive global LTE solutions, has announced the commercial release of a fully-featured LTE base station as a user cost of below $1,400 called the Nova 227. The Nova 227 is in stock at multiple Baicells distribution partners such as Double Radius, ISP Supplies, and WAV, Inc.

It is common for commercial network operators, like in RV parks, to have small clusters of subscribers or devices that need to be connected, but may be isolated or otherwise difficult to economically connect. This often forces even LTE-based operators to use low cost and low performance Wi-Fi repeaters to connect these pockets of users profitably.

The Nova 227 was designed specifically for such applications. Designed using standard PoE power and in a discreet form factor with an integrated panel antenna, the Nova 227 can be installed on, say, a light pole in an RV park.

“Until today, the idea that one could connect as little as 10 customers with a $50 monthly ARPU and still yield a less than 3-month ROI using LTE was a laughable notion,” Patrick Leary, president of Baicells Technologies remarked, “Well, we’ve done a lot of things no one thought possible with LTE and we’ve done it again here.”

The Nova 227 is a two-port 250 mW (27 dBm) LTE base station operating in the 3.65 GHz and future CBRS (3.55-3.7 GHz) frequencies. It is approximately 10-inches square, uses standard PoE, and comes with an integrated panel antenna. The unit ships with everything needed to mount and deploy except power cabling. There are no re-occurring license fees with Baicells and no hidden costs.

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