Outdoor Recreation Roundtable

Maine Establishes Office of Outdoor Recreation

Maine joins eleven other states in establishing an Office of Outdoor Recreation responsible for helping to grow the outdoor recreation economy. Unlike most other states who have established Offices of Outdoor Recreation, the office in Maine is temporary. Officials in Maine hope to show the value of the office this year and work it into the budget cycle under the next governor. 

The RV Industry Association, along with other members of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, have called for governors in all 50 states to establish an Office of Outdoor Recreation.

RVers participate in many outdoor activities including, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, boating and snowsports. Outdoor recreation is a pillar of our nation’s economy, the RVIA stated.

This fall, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported for the first time ever that outdoor recreation accounts for 2.2 percent of the domestic GDP and contributes $734 billion to the U.S. economy. Even more significant, during the period of 2012 to 2016, outdoor recreation grew faster than the U.S. economy overall. In Maine, the RV industry has an economic impact of $232 million and accounts for approximately 2,300 jobs.

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