Mass. RV Restoration Shop Anticipates Grand Opening

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If given the blessing of town officials, a vintage RV restoration and sales shop will soon open on Routes 5 and 10 not far from the Greenfield line in Deerfield, Mass.

The family-run TwoFeathers Restoration and Design, a custom RV fabrication and repairs business that’s been open for a year, anticipates a grand opening in October.

This story by Andy Castillo originally appeared in the Greenfield Recorder.

Currently, TwoFeathers Restoration and Design is awaiting site plan approval by the Planning Board, contingent on a go ahead from the Conservation Commission. That approval could happen next month.

Based on proposed designs, the camper business will operate out of and around a 2,500 square-foot building at 707 Greenfield Road – a roughly one-acre parcel purchased last Friday to keep pace with the family’s rapidly expanding home business, which grew from a hobby.

A site plan review was triggered because the parcel is changing its zoning from residential to commercial. During the meeting, a few planning board members noted water runoff concerns and installing an oil and water separator was discussed.

Recently, the business received a special permit from the town to operate with conditions that damaged vehicle remain inside, sight unseen behind a fence with only a dozen trailers available for a sale at a time.

A septic system and a few other minor upgrades to the property in addition to the fence have also been proposed.

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