Maxx Stiefel
Maxx Stiefel

Maxxsonics Appoints VP General Manager

Alden Stiefel, president and CEO of Maxxsonics USA, has announced that Maxx Stiefel will be promoted to VP general manager. Maxx Stiefel came to the company after receiving his finance degree from Tulane University and then his MBA from Chicago’s DePaul University, Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

Through the past several years, Maxx Stiefel has been in the role of director of project management, managing engineering, tech support, and supporting roles in operations and finance. In his new role, Maxx Stiefel will be overseeing many aspects of the company’s business initiatives. In addition, he will continue working with our oversea vendors and will continue his main focus on project management with new products and ISO overview.

“In the last few months, we have really been focusing on creating a culture that is youth-spirited led, but also demonstrates great experience and knowledge on all phases throughout the industry,” said Alden Stiefel, president and CEO of Maxxsonics USA. “Maxx will become our tip of the spear in this company culture movement. Our customers are looking for innovation and speed and we are building our organization to accomplish that and more. We need aggressive, industry passionate leaders who can drive our business in the most important projects, vendors, and employees.”

Maxx Stiefel will be driving the ISO process through all phases within all roles of the company, while making sure weekly and monthly objectives are being met through short and long-term strategic planning, developing, and implementing policies and procedures. Maxx Stiefel will also be overseeing training programs for subordinate employees and ensuring that training objectives are met.

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