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Meyer Adds Evans Waterless Coolant


Meyer Distributing has added Evans Waterless Coolant to its performance division. Evans brings to the table a waterless coolant that helps to solve issues of corrosion, boil-overs, and engine breakdowns caused by water-based antifreeze.

The benefits of this are no corrosion, because there is no water in the cooling system. There is no erosion to the cooling system due to water vapor. Over-boiling is eliminated because the boiling point is now able to be raised to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Evans also has a natural antifreeze property allowing to minus 40-degree Fahrenheit protection. There is no pressure build up since the coolant never vaporizes like traditional antifreeze eliminating hard and blown hoses and lines.

“Evans coolant will never degrade and is designed to last the life of the engine so there is no need to ever add to, change or flush your cooling system,” said Austin Zehr, high performance manager for Meyer. “This is going to reduce operating cost, as well as those costly cooling system repairs. We look very forward to the partnership with Evans, and providing our customers with this great product for their cooling system needs.”

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