Meyer Distributing
Meyer Distributing

Meyer Adds UpDownAir System for Tires

Meyer Distributing recently added UpDownAir Systems’ new four-tire air delivery system, which can fill up four tires at the same time when using the supplier’s Air It Up system.

The first two products are tailored exclusively for the Jeep JK (2007 to 2017) and the Ford Gen 2 Raptor.

How it works is a user parks their vehicle, connect short whips to the four-tire valve stems and the four, hi-flow valves next to each tire, and then use the Air It Up to inflate all 4 tires at the same time (which requires a separate air source). 

The Air It Up 4 Tire on Board Air delivery system can inflate, deflate or can equalize up to four tires at once. The controller and bracket kit mount under the hood without drilling holes. Four bright green whips come with eight quick connect chucks with the exclusive BettyBar Quick Release system. 

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