Meyer Adds Zamp Solar to Portfolio

Meyer Distributing

“Meyer Distributing is excited to announce the addition of Zamp Solar to our comprehensive list of vendor partners,” said Jason Lents, RV/Towing sales manager at Meyer. “The Solar segment is growing quickly and the addition of Zamp will give our dealers another high-quality solar solution to offer their customers who enjoy staying off the grid.

“I discovered Zamp Solar last year when I was visiting dealers in the Western part of the United States and have been interested in bringing them in ever since, “ said Lents. “Zamp Solar products are made in the USA which is something that we here at Meyer along with our dealers support.”

Added Smoky White, vice president of sales for Zamp Solar: “We are very pleased and excited about this new partnership! It will strengthen our product service and sales opportunities for our loyal family of dealers and provide improved product purchase options for our brand -loyal end-user customers. At Zamp Solar, one of our goals is to help our end user customers to more fully enjoy the beautiful outdoors using our products to power their off-grid adventures. It really is a win-win-win proposition.”

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