Meyer Distributing Adds Oxygenics

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Meyer Distributing recently added Oxygenics to its large line of product offerings.

“For over 35 years, Oxygenics has been an industry leader in the shower head business. They are passionate about what they do and with their strong technology team, Oxygenics creates a shower that is powerful and memorable,” said Johnny Hayes, RV/towing purchasing manager at Meyer. “Their cutting-edge technology infuses the water with oxygen which creates a powerful, soothing and efficient shower.”

“We are excited to bring on the Oxygenics line because they share many of the same core values as Meyer. They have built their brand on customer satisfaction, loyalty and passion,” said Jason Lents, RV/towing sales manager at Meyer. “We at Meyer share those same values as we work hard every day to ensure our dealers have an outstanding experience while providing parts and accessories they need to run a profitable business.”


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